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For more than 30 years, WELL BILT Industries has been a leader in the aviation hangar door industry.

We began manufacturing aircraft hangar doors in the 1980s, and we’ve been a leader in the market ever since. We With a variety of custom designed steel doors and operator models for any structor, we manufacture hangar doors for private hangars as well as corporate, military, commercial, FBO and more. Each door project is quality constructed and engineered to last.

Safety is our top priority, and whether your need is for a small airplane or large airport, our hangar doors are the safest, strongest and most secure on the market.

Every project is unique, and we have the experience manufacturing a wide range of door systems to suit your needs and meet your requirements.

Aircraft Hangar Doors Interior

Why use WELL BILT Industries for your Aviation Hangar Door?

  • Our doors are designed to go together fast and without the need to purchase expensive tools and equipment.
  • Fully assembled doors are ready to install, saving you time and money.
  • Doors are custom engineered for your project. We’ll provide every detail prior to fabrication, eliminating the need to field modify the door system.
  • Electrical control systems are designed and manufactured in our factory.
  • All of our products go through rigorous quality control inspections prior to shipment.
  • Miami-Dade Certified for over 15 years.
  • Our safety record exceeds the competition.
  • Longest warranty in the industry – up to 10 year limited warranties are available.

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Adal Fuel Cell Facility in North Kinston, RI


WELL BILT Industries was contracted to supply a new door system as a replacement for a failing door system on an older building. After meeting with the general contractor, it was determined more cost effective...

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Jet Aviation and Gulfstream


This unique project consists of two hangars attached by a common wall. The total square feet of the two hangars is in excess of 70,000, and the hangars boast two sets of Rolling Hangar Doors...

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