Tilt Door Systems Installation

HydraTilt Single Panel Hydraulic Door Frame Lifting

Tilt Door Installation

HydraTilt hydraulic doors are custom built to the required specifications. Prior to installation, inspect the structure and ensure it is suitable for a HydraTilt door, with the header support frames installed in accordance with the door’s design. The door should not be installed until the primary structure is correctly installed and all trades have completed work.

Two Tilt Back Hangar Doors

Keys to Installation Success

  • Plan Ahead
    Ensure you have the proper tools, equipment and labor to get the job done properly. Download the installation manual and make a plan before getting to work.
  • Inspect and Verify
    Make sure your door opening is ready to accept your new HydraTilt door. It must be square and plumb.

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Quality Control Field Testing

Once installation is complete, test the hydraulic door to insure proper installation. Make adjustments as required. The owner or a representative should be present for the test, and a written report of the door’s successful operation should be provided to the owner. 

At the owner’s discretion, Well Bilt Industries can perform an additional commissioning inspection on the overall operation and installation of the door system. A written report will be provided along with photographic evidence of correct installation. 

Hydra-Tilt hydraulic doors are warrantied for one year. The standard warranty states the hangar door is free from defects of materials and labor, and it is transferable for up to one year. Extended warranties are available and must be agreed to in writing at the time of purchase.

Tilt Hangar Door System - Opened

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