Jet Aviation and Gulfstream

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Rolling Door Systems

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Van Nuys, CA

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August, 2019

Rolling Hangar Door System for Jet Aviation and GulfstreamThis unique project consists of two hangars attached by a common wall. The total square feet of the two hangars is in excess of 70,000, and the hangars boast two sets of Rolling Hangar Doors configured to a Floating Group Hangar Door System. These Floating Group Systems rely on a lead-lag door panel with two operators on the leading hangar door panel and one operator on the trailing hangar door. Many companies are turning to the floating group system to solve the issue of hangar door pocketing. Clients realize that airport property is in high demand and that putting in track compartments is a waste of valuable real estate. Clients also see the ease of operation, unlike a true floating system where each panel moves on its own and requires the panel to be jogged into place each time the system is moved. Both offer the same overall opening, though the floating group comes at a reduced price because it doesn’t require the number of operators or drives. 

Jet Aviation opened in late summer 2019. We look forward to the next project.