Hercul-Eze® SW Series

Door Operator

The Hercul-Eze® “SW” by WELL BILT INDUSTRIES rolling hangar door operator provides a compact and efficient means of opening and closing rolling door systems up to 60,000 lbs. Hercul-Eze® “SW” by WELL BILT INDUSTRIES operators utilize a chain drive system to power one or both of the steel wheels in contact with the A.S.C.E. rail. Hercul-Eze® “SW” by WELL BILT INDUSTRIES operators require a door frame depth of 8″ to 10″ to be installed based on the size and dimensions of the hangar door operator components. Controlled by a variable frequency drive (VFD), the Hercul-Eze® “SW” by WELL BILT INDUSTRIES possesses the ability to have the ramp up and down time adjusted for soft starts and stops as well as the full speed of the unit modified to suit the needs of the hangar door system or other types of industrial doors.

• Hercul-Eze® “SW” SERIES: Open/Close 25 – 60 Feet Per Minute

• 22,000 / 40,000 / 60,000 lbs. Capacities (Per Unit)

• Steel Wheel Drive Series

• ID-200-SW / ID-300-SW / ID-500-SW

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The Hercul-Eze® “SW” by WELL BILT INDUSTRIES door operators are fully integrated into the door panel in which they are installed. Mounted to primary structural members and driving a steel wheel built into the door frame, they utilize the existing structural integrity of the system to maintain proper component positioning and work load distribution. No rubber tire is required to drive the door, or to provide tractive force needed for movement. Streamlined design keeps all required hardware within the door frame without protrusions which may inhibit door to door clearance or interior and exterior sheeting.

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Drive force shall be provided by an electric motor directly coupled to a right angle gear reducer. The gear reducer, in turn, drives the steel wheel through a heavy duty roller chain system consisting of #50, #60, or #80 chain and hardened sprockets.

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Electric motors used in Hercul-Eze® “SW” by WELL BILT INDUSTRIES hangar door operators shall be 2, 3, or 5 horsepower TEFC C-face mounted units. Larger units may have a three phase power requirement. With the high ratio right angle speed reducer, no electric brake is necessary to stop door movement, but can be utilized in conjunction with the VFD to provide smooth consistent stopping of the door system. An optional brake can also be used as a positive holding force when the system is inactive. Primary electrical is per customer specifications (some systems are three phase mandatory) while control voltage remains 24 VAC.

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The standard Hercul-Eze® “SW” by WELL BILT INDUSTRIES hangar door operator power is supplied through a drape wire system where the cable is draped from leaf to leaf. Wire size and number of conductors in the cable are adjusted to meet system requirements. All hard wiring for power supply, over current protection, disconnecting means, and hard wiring within the door shall be the responsibility of the installer or the electrical contractor.

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Tractive force is supplied by the weight of the door system on the steel wheel at the bottom of the door. The unit never disengages from the steel wheel, leading to a natural brake / locking function. However, there is an option that instead supplies the system with the appropriate style and ratio of gear reducer to allow the system to “Back Drive”. “Back Drive” is an easy reversal of effort through the gear reduction system permitting manual operation of the door system in the event of a power outage without a need to disconnect the drive system from the steel wheel of the door. This feature qualifies under National Fire Protection Association # 409 for aircraft hangars.

The basic Hercul-Eze® “SW” by WELL BILT INDUSTRIES operator is a manual unit. The operator is furnished with a controller which is pre-wired and connected to the motor with an approximately six foot length of coil cord and “walk with” pendant; open/close control buttons.

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Automatic open with automatic close system allows the door system to be opened or closed with a flip of the switch. The hangar door travel can also be stopped at any point of its travel by selecting the “Stop” setting. In these installations, the controller is normally wall mounted near one end of the door system. Door travel at open and closed positions is controlled by micro-switches mounted on the building above the door leaves.

A remote control option is available with the automatic control system. With the remote control option the door system can be activated to open or close from up to 1,500 feet from the receiver unit.

  • Warning Bell
  • Warning Horn and Light
  • Safety Edge
  • Photo Eye (165 ft. Span)
  • Festoon System
  • Overhead enclosed power bar system
  • Keyed Lockouts
  • Conductor Bar System
  • Interlock Safety Switch

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