A Preferred Vendor of Southwest Airlines

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January, 2020

Interior of Rolling Hangar Door System for Southwest

A Preferred Vendor of Southwest Airlines

Thanks to our prompt customer service, WELL BILT Industries is pleased to announce that we’re now considered a preferred vendor by Southwest Airlines.

Southwest Airlines was having some issues with their aperture rolling hangar doors at an MRO (maintenance) facility, so they called on WELL BILT Industries to see if we could help them out. We quickly evaluated the situation on site and provided a solution that was rapidly implemented to get them up and running again. Providing long lasting, reliable solutions for hangar doors of all types is what we’re all about.

WELL BILT Industries offers a full line of hangar doors manufactured in Ocala, Florida, including Hydraulic Hangar Doors and Bifold Hangar Doors. WELL BILT Industries has been building hangar doors for over 30 years, and our commitment to quality and service is key in expanding our network of dealers and installers across the nation

Exterior of Rolling Hangar Door System for SouthwestRolling Hangar Door System for Southwest Airlines

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