How to Install a Hydraulic Hangar Door

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June, 2017

Hydraulic Hangar Door Retrofit Construction

One word that sums up how to install a hydraulic hangar door is not “technique” or even “experience”, although they play a huge part in the installation. Planning is the most important item on your pre-install checklist and is the largest part of any successful installation. We have all heard the phrase, “fail to plan” and this is because so many issues could be prevented and prepared for with planning. Before you think this is just a simple article about the merits of planning your hydraulic hangar door install, we want you to first consider why we are even writing this information. We wrote this to explain to the end users of all hangar doors that we as manufacturers get calls during installations and frankly if people take the time to think and preflight their installations things will go faster and smoother, ending in a pleased customer. The biggest problem is getting some of the smartest people in the world to listen to some sage advice.

  1. Ask questions from the selling company such as, “Is my door the only door on the shipment?” Or, “When exactly will it be here?” These are important questions to ask because sometimes the doors are shipped and put on trucks with other individuals’ orders, so your hangar door may be at the bottom or it may be missing parts or damaged. Ask the questions so you aren’t disappointed when your doors are delivered.
  2. Read the Hydraulic Hangar Door Installation Manual!  So many people never read it. We spent money to make your life easier in a step-by-step booklet. Use it! And ask questions if you have them.
  3. Make a list of what you will need at the time of the delivery. This includes tools and everything you will need to do the job and make it easier such as lifting straps and forklifts. You may also consider bringing a tarp if you are not ready to cover the door, remember most are painted with primer so the finish is only a prime coat. Also, have a spot planned to off-load and store the hangar doors until layout and install is ready. And don’t forget a camera and pen to write a damage report and take pictures if needed.
  4. Tools are a huge part of the plan. I have never complained that I brought too much equipment to the install. Just like golf, golfers lug every kind of club out to the course in their golf bags even though they may not use every club each time they play, however, they always have it when they need it. Then there are those items like a putter that will be used on every hole, so make sure you have the important tools. We supply a list of tools, however, there are always other items you can consider to make your install more successful. Save yourself from the annoyances of not having the correct tools and equipment on hand, as it can take much longer and many mistakes can be made during the installation without the correct tools.
  5. Check and verify the measurements of the opening for the door as well as the door. It happened recently that we went to a hydraulic hangar door install and noticed the opening was incorrect. Thankfully the owner had just enough room to install the door but he measured the door incorrectly and it could have been a lot less fun if we had not checked prior to the installation.
  6. Check the sub straight you are mounting the door to. This a pre-planning item, case in point a client called and said to us he was hitting steel in his concrete header and couldn’t through bolt the header. If he would have pre-planned, the door could have been designed for a higher installation point to clear the rebar.
  7. Consider the surroundings. Look at the conditions you are working on or around. Hydraulic hangar doors install much easier when there is a hard surface to work off of. Not saying I have not done my share of installs on dirt or gravel, it just makes it easier to level out. So make certain that you have some leveling blocks of wood to keep the door on a somewhat level surface. Watch out for issues like power lines and people working where the install is happening.
  8. Consider the cladding as an important part of the hydraulic hangar door install. You will need to cover it to ensure the primer is not compromised. And since you will have equipment there to install the cladding you might as well get it while you have a lift on site.

Consider the fact that you are purchasing a moving wall that will not put itself up. You are spending a lot of money on it as well, and failure to follow directions of the installation does not provide you with a warranty of operation, on the contrary, the warranty will be void if the door is not installed correctly. So follow the directions and plan for a successful installation experience rather than lamenting your mistakes. Hydraulic Hangar door installations can be tricky at times so if you have concerns always call the hangar door manufacturer for advice.

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