What to Expect When Installing Your New Hydraulic Door

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February, 2017

The choice to make the change from an older style bi-fold hangar door, counterweight hangar door or other hangar door type to a new hydraulic door system is often a welcome conversion, especially when considering their push-button ease of operation and their streamlined maintenance needs. There are, however some very specific things to anticipate during this transition.

The first thing that most people ask after deciding to step into an entirely new level of comfort and ease of use with a new hydraulic hangar door system is, “How complicated is the installation?” followed quickly by “How long does the installation actually take?”. The answers to both are often dependent upon the quality of the door purchased, the team chosen to install the door and the location in which it will be installed. These are the main reasons people so often select Wellbilt Industries’ hydraulic hangar door systems; experience, skill and craftsmanship.

A hydraulic hangar door system is very much like any other mechanical door installation except that there is the added technical concern of the fitting of a hydraulic pump and fluid reservoir to fill and evacuate the hydraulic hangar door cylinders that raise and lower the door. Wellbilt Industries’ hydraulic hangar door systems are in a class of their own when it comes to ease of fitment and installation. During the engineering and production process, the entire system is pre-assembled and test-fitted to make certain that every part is as easy to install as any other Wellbilt hangar door system, which is to say effortlessly. The additional step to pre-cut and fit the hydraulic hoses and fittings is another step that saves hours of time for the on-site installation team. Ultimately, the complication of the installation process is reduced to factors that are well within the installation team’s skillset.

Essentially, once the door has reached the installation location, it’s been quality tested for fitment based on the specifications used to build the hydraulic door system, prepped for final assembly and organized into installation stages so that the actual installation itself is a rather routine operation. This makes the time involved in the actual installation a minimum investment. The design and engineering team take steps to insure that every piece is considered based on the installation requirements. They are then prepped and ready for delivery.  When the hydraulic hangar door system arrives at the install location, it is simply a matter or assembly, fitment and insuring that all of the pre-cut hydraulic lines are properly connected to the hydraulic pump. Once the controller has been installed and wired to the hydraulic pump, the new door is ready for use.

The competency of the manufacturer you choose will ultimately determine your resulting satisfaction, but when the choice is Wellbilt Industries Hangar Door Systems, you’ve got one of the most skilled, most well regarded engineering teams in the industry at the ready to help you make the best choice for your needs.