USCG Air Station Rolling Door in Clearwater Florida

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Rolling Door Systems

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Clearwater, FL

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January, 2017

Operator for USCG Air Station Aircraft Hangar DoorProject Specs:

C130 Hangar

  • (2) 145′-0″ x 35′-0″ Rolling Door Systems
  • (8) Hercul-Eze® Operators
  • ***RETRO FIT***

H60 Hangar

  • (2) 145′-0″ x 29′-0″ Rolling Door Systems
  • (8) Hercul-Eze® Operators
  • ***RETRO FIT***

Click here to see this project featured in Metal Architecture magazine:

Well Bilt Industries has been a longtime manufacturer of custom rolling door systems primarily for aviaiton, marina and industrial facilities. Therefore, Well Bilt encounters several projects a year that require retrofitting a new door system onto an older, pre-existing structure.  In many cases, such a a project entails as many, if not more, details as new construction.  Information gathering and communication with all parties involved should be your first priority. Whether your door replacement is for the purpose of updating your existing building for cosmetic purposes  and conveniences or necessary to bring the entire structure up to current building code requirements, there are many critical factors to ensure the success of such an undertaking.  First, your structure must be thoroughly inspected to establish its structural integrity. In many cases, the structure will require remedial work to satisfy the current codes. The clear opening where the new retro-fit system is to be installed must be carefully measured to ensure a proper fit at the time of installation.