Spreng Hangar Rolling Hangar Door DeLand Florida

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Rolling Door Systems

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DeLand Municipal Airport / DeLand , FL

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January, 2017

Rolling Hangar Door System for Spreng in DeLand, FloridaProject Specs:

  • (1) 130′-0″ x 27′-6″ Rolling Hangar Door System with Hercul-Eze 200 Hangar Door Operators

The question that we are asked the most is: “what Hangar Door System does Well Bilt Recomend?” let us start by first saying the door system is a personal preferance, however when looking at a commercial FBO or MRO, or even a flight department the answer is always the same.  The rolling hanagr door is without a doubt the most reliable and most cost effective solution to any commercial operation.  This is impart to the face that rolling hangar doors have the ability to be opened and closed without the required power system.  furthermore they can be operated with minimal cost when power is out.

Hydraulic and Bifolding hangar doors require power for one, and second they rely on cables or hoses and pumps.  Spreng looked and weighed the options prior to purchasing the rolling hangar doors and door operators.   Knowing that the doors ability to open was the most important quality they we looking for when they specified thier hangar door system.  Well Bilts extended warranty exceeds the industry standard and proves that Well Bilt will stand behind their products.