Mustang Pointe Aerodrome Bi-Fold Door

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Bi-Fold Doors

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DeLand Municipal Airport / DeLand, FL

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January, 2017

Bi-Fold Hangar Door System for Mustang Pointe AerodromeProject Specs:

  • (1) 68′ 0″ x 21′ 6″ Bi-Fold Door System.

Bi-fold doors shall be provided with power operators to open and close the door.  The Motor/Gear Reducer unit shall be equipped with an electric brake to stop and hold the door in the any position of door travel.  Electric controls shall conform to National Electrical code Section 513. Control enclosures shall conform to NEMA 4. Each control station on the bi-fold shall be two buttom type with buttoms marked “open” and “close”.  the “open” and “close” buttons shall be of the constant pressure type. When the door is in motion and pressure is released from the control button, the door shall stop instantly and remained in the stopped position. From the stopped position, the door shall be operable in either direction by the “open” or “close” control button.  The control station shall be located near the same end of the door as the electrical supply connection.  These are the specifications for the power operator and controls for bi fold hangar doors. Well Bilt doors are constructed to comply with all codes and specifications provided at the time an order is initiated.