Moody AFB Hercul-Eze 200M OD Hangar Door Operator

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Hangar Door Operators

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Valdosta, Ga

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January, 2017

Hercul-Eze 200M OD Hangar Door OperatorProject Specs:

  • (1) Hercul-Eze® OD-200M

It is not a suprise that once someone has the Well Bilt Hangar Door’s Operator that they will not utilize our door operator on another hangar door. Why you may ask is simple, the main reason is convenience.  When Moody got the taste of how thier first hangar door operator saved time and made opening the hangar doors less of a task, they wanted another one. This operator was requested in our custom line of paint “Moody Bronze”.

Moody AFB requires that for our great Nations defense they count on our aircraft door operator to perform everytime withhout failure,  this is a request that we are able to fulfill and have been for over thirty years.

The use of a Hercul-Eze Door Operator has other benifits, such as safety to the personnel and damage to the doors.  Through the years we have seen personnel in chage of opening and closing the hangar doors use tugs, forklifts as well as ramp vehicles to move the doors.  We have also seen injury from pushing the door manually, back issues to falls as well as crushing hazards.   We offer additional safety items at your request from, bells, horns, strobes and safe edge.