Marathon Flight Service Rolling Hangar Door in KISM

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Rolling Door Systems

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Kissimmee, FL

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January, 2017

Rolling Hangar Door System for Marathon Flight ServiceProject Specs:

  • (1) 130′-0″ x 27′-6″ Rolling Aircraft Hangar Door System

When Ocean Gate Construction needed a bottom rolling aircraft hangar doors for a project that they were bidding competitively they went to Well Built Industries.  Ocean Gate had been working with Well Built as far back as 1996 when they purchased their first hangar door, so it was no suprise that they would count on Well Built to deliver a great rolling hangar doors and operators at a great value.  Ocean Gate know the value in the ease of assembly and erection, thus lowering the installation cost and thus providing a competitive bid.  We understand that the competitive nature of the environment we need to provide a price that is right along with a product that is easy to erect.  The mantra of easy to design, easy to fabricate and easy to erect continues today.  More importantly rolling hangar doors need to be robust and hold up to the day to day operation.  Our rolling hangar doors do exactly that.  Because the location is close to our home office and the current management is one of our clients, we have went back and studied the door, and it still functions after ten years just the way we intended it to.

It is safe to say that the installation is a large part of long term useful life as the components of the rolling hangar door. it is also important to know that the door and hangar door operators are meticulously  constructed.  Also note with every aircraft hangar door system we sell we provide a maintenance schedule and if followed correctly our clients enjoy many years of safe operation.