Hydraulic Hangar Door Retrofit – Bi Fold to Hydraulic

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December, 2017

Bi-Fold to Hydraulic Hangar Door Retrofit Construction122′ by 28′ Bi-Fold Door Removed and Retrofitted with a Hydraulic Hangar Door

With the aging of aviation hangars that have been manufactured over the years, we are seeing hangar doors that do not function as they once did. Some have faulty track systems, others have bearings out, there are even cases with damaged bi-fold hangar doors and rusted out sections of hydraulic hangar doors. Besides aging of doors, the option of hangar door retrofit is becoming the norm for the aircraft owner moving up and purchasing an aircraft that has wider wingspans and a taller tail height.

Retrofitting the hangar door opening can be as simple as removing a bi-folding hangar door and installing a new hydraulic panel door that increases the height and provides plenty of sunshades. It could also mean cutting a tail door for the vertical stabilizer to have a tail of jet slip through. There are many options for each situation. The main thing to remember is anything is possible with enough time and money.

Many people think that just doing the bare minimum is the best solution to the hangar door issue. So many people complain about having to constantly repair rusting or poor condition. It never even crosses their minds that they may be able to raise the rent or have an enjoyable experience opening and closing their aircraft hangar door. So no matter what type of hangar door you have or what manufacturer your hangar door may be from whether it is Schweiss, Norco, Erect-A-Tube, or a no-name product, hangar door retrofit may be the answer you are looking for.

So before the order for the new door is placed think about why you are doing the retrofit of the hangar door and what you stand to gain and lose. This will make your hangar door retrofit process more successful and one you can be proud of!


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